CLASS: Advertising Media Strategy

WHEN: Nov. 2018

WHAT: We were assigned to create a year-long media plan for our client, Wienerschnitzel. We had a budget of $20 million in which we allocated it to Spot TV, Digital and Radio. Below is the media flowchart which shows a pulsing schedule. Our goal to push advertising efforts during the summer, when eating hot dogs are more popular. Our desired reach during this time is 70% with a frequency of 4. We chose Spot TV and Digital because our target audience, Trendsetters are Connectors, are influenced by television and social media. We also decided on radio because these consumers are constantly on-the-go so they could listen to radio in the morning or in the afternoon and be inclined to visit Wienerschnitzel.

TEAM MEMBERS: Kelsey Diaz, Valeria Bazan, Allyson Pinnock and Emma Conte


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